COVID-19 Announcement

Due to COVID-19, our classes are restricted to partial capacity to comply with Provincial Health social distancing recommendations. It is very important that you do not attend a class if you are feeling unwell. If you’re registered for a class but you feel unwell leading up to or on the day of the class, your registration fee will be refunded.

We will update our website as information changes. For now, please take some time to go through our resource page for learning material and helpful websites.

St. Paul’s Maternity Centre is now offering free virtual prenatal classes. The classes are tailored and condensed to meet individual learning needs and delivered by Registered Labour and Delivery Nurses.


The following are some publicly-accessible videos

Although we have not watched all of her content, and therefore cannot personally recommend her teachings, we have heard wonderful things about Holliday Tyson and her free 3-part prenatal class videos on YouTube:


Penny Simkin (American content but still applicable):


Global Health Media Breastfeeding Video


Postpartum Adjustment:


A nice (& not graphic) birth video


Amazing Talents of the Newborn (ignore the “brought to you by Johnson&Johnson” part!)


We hope that you are doing well out there, connecting in creative ways with the people who matter to you while still keeping your physical distance. This is a bizarre and humbling time, and although we are moved by some of the public displays of love and creativity, we know it can also be an incredibly isolating experience. We hope to be back to spending time with you and teaching our classes again soon.

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